Saturday, 30 August 2014

The worst oppression is to make nudity fashionable and force women to take off their clothes.

The force feeding of beautiful curves into stick straight lines
tell me one more time
What I should look like.

Tell me why
She needs to have a gap between her thighs
Tell me why she cuts and cries
why she starves and sighs though this empty night
she's too hungry to sleep

And goddamn this dehumanisation of women into sex machines
You're only valuable till you have babies
And now you're too flabby
You're not beautiful till your feet are jammed and chained in heels
it's not fashion
That's slavery .

And curse your ideas of "ideal" beauty
Al Musawwir shaped me
My nose doesn't need contouring and my waist doesn't need trimming
And no, my legs don't need slimming.

And curse your "A shaped bodies, V shaped bodies, pear shaped bodies" and
diet pills and counting calories

Curse your ideas of "natural beauty",
your propagandist ads on TV
telling little girls who they should be and why imperfection isn't pretty

One day I'll walk down this makeup aisle
That tells women to"conceal " and hide behind layers of your chemicals and ideas of what
A woman should look like
And burn this vat of chemicals that claim
"Natural " to disguise fake.
And burn your interpretations of beautiful.

Your corporate capitalisation on
created, instigated, insecurities 
That you mass forcefeed
to this populace of unsuspecting sheep
repulses me
Your botoxed beauty and your plastic surgery
How on God's green earth is that sexy?

How is anoxeria and bulimia
eating anxiety and pre planned meals
How is dissatisfaction with His work
And fitting yourself to a standard of man made ideals
How does that make you happy ?